Music News Magazine 
"It's a tough gig when you're a solo artist.  There's nobody to fall back on, you're up front all the time.  Just ask Robert Greaney.  Robert does this all the time, and he does a great job at it.  He can play just about any request you have.  We caught up with him up in the Katy area and were real impressed with him.  Robert plays Blues, Rock, and Country.  Next time you hear about him playing somewhere, put it on your list to drop by and visit.  You'll be glad you did".
North of the Border
"Robert Greaney puts on one helluva show for one guy.  From covers such as "Mustang Sally" and Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" to originals such as "Where The Full Moon Reigns" and "In Our Love".  He has great vocal and guitar playing abilities, as well as song-writing skills".

Katy Courier Magazine
He whales the blues!  When he's not at home, Greaney pumps out melodies like a jukebox at Texas Border's and the Kemah Boardwalk, where he covers a repertoire of hits.  "I never have a song list," he said. "I just look out at the audience and think about who's there and what I think they want me to play".  Greaney started his own musical career at 17 with a Michael Jackson-playing pop band, the Heartbreakers.  However, after two years, he switched gears to rhythm and blues when he joined up with the Bad Habits, later to be followed by a stint with alternative-rock band Moss.  He said he never limited his musical style, which was influenced by his parents and his siblings.  During his childhood in Clear Lake, Greaney's mother often took him to the Houston Opera, while his father introduced him to Frank Sinatra.  His older brother followed the Beatles and his sister listened to Led Zeppelin.  The combination, he said, led him to appreciate all types of music.  "If the music's good, audiences are going to like it no matter what era it's from".